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Separating from a spouse is always a difficult process, which can be made much harder by a lengthy litigation process. Collaborative practice is ideally suited to helping families undergoing separation by removing many of the factors that make divorce such a trying time.


The collaborative process begins with both parties agreeing to stay out of court. Issues are worked through by discussing them in an open and respectful environment, where all parties are supported by their lawyers. This open environment is conductive to peaceful dispute resolution, and fosters clear communication. This minimises instances of misunderstanding or mistrust between parties. Furthermore, the process is generally faster and less expensive than traditional litigation.

In addition to legal professionals, a number of collaboratively trained professionals may be included in discussions. Financial advisors can bring clarity to issues surrounding money, and help plan for the future. Child consultants bring their knowledge of child development, helping parents find solutions that minimise the impact of separation on their children. Coaches can foster communication, assist in managing stress and support parties who find it difficult to speak up for themselves.

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