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Brisbane Breakfast – QACP / AACP 21.02.20

March 11, 2020 Uncategorised

A beautiful Brisbane morning played host to AACP’s breakfast meeting with QACP on 21.02.20.  Attending the breakfast were representatives of AACP, QACP and CP(NSW).  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss organisational roles and how the national and state organisations can best support each other. Discussion topics included the effective sharing of resources and a potential integrated website and membership arrangement.  Rachel Slat, CP(NSW) President travelled to Brisbane to share the CP(NSW) experience and the reasons for the CP(NSW) Board’s decision to pursue integration of their website and membership with AACP.

In true collaborative style, the conversation involved interests, needs & concerns, option generation and even a paradigm shift!

The consensus was that a primary (and often overlooked) benefit of membership of any ICP organisation, whether at practice group, state or national level, is that unlike membership of most professional associations, members of ICP groups become an integral part of a community of like-minded professionals who have found a better, more satisfying way to practice.

Thank you to John Thynne, Jennifer Hetherington, Kate Keating, Andrew Crooke and Brad Corby from QACP for making time to engage in these important discussions, to Rachel for sharing the CP(NSW) experience and to Hopgood Ganim for the fabulous breakfast fare.

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