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AACP – Two Year Plan

May 7, 2022 Uncategorised

On Friday, 22 April 2022 the AACP Board met for its 2022 Strategic Planning Meeting. The Board came away from the day with a set of clear objectives that reconciled strongly with AACP’s Purpose and Vision.

We will share more about the strategies that have been developed and the work that will be undertaken, as the Board works towards achieving the Objectives in the key areas of lobbying, maintaining and developing strategic relationships, continued work on education and best practice guidelines and developing funding strategies.

Given the extent of what we are aiming to accomplish over the next two years, we encourage AACP members to get involved in our work.  Not only is there greater potential in a larger collaborative team, there are also real benefits for professionals who engage in projects alongside like-minded colleagues.  The foundation for building a collaborative practice is based on relationships and the number one way to build relationships and trust in the collaborative space, is to spend time with fellow collaborative colleagues and contributing to the collaborative community.

AACP thanks our platinum, gold, and silver corporate members:

AACP thanks our corporate partners: